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The CORC is a point-to-point, mass start, downwind surfski, SUP, Prone and OC’s race. This 21 km race route will test paddlers’ skills and stamina as it runs downwind through the heart of the stunning Sea to Sky corridor.

Racers will paddle from Porteau Cove up Howe Sound. Starting just south of Porteau Cove the SUP and prone racers head straight towards Squamish. Surfski and OC racers will sprint cross wind approximately 2 km to the middle of Howe Sound and contest for the THINK Hotspot.  From here paddlers will make a 90 degree turn and run north up Howe Sound.

Paddlers should all come together as wind and waves build approaching Watts Point, approximately 10 km after the THINK Hotspot.  As all paddlers round Watts point, tactical decisions will have to be made with regard to your route in consideration of tidal currents, Squamish River currents and wind speed.  As you approach the head of Squamish Harbour you will enter the mouth of the Mamquam Blind Harbour for 3 km flatwater finish into the heart of downtown Squamish.

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Squamish wind statistics
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